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My Story

My journey with Body Stress Release began in 2013


I had been working as a Manager in the Hospitality and Health Care sector.  It is fast- paced and very demanding.  


In 2012, I started noticing that I was getting pins and needles in my left hand and occasionally it would shoot down to my left foot as well.  I had had these little whispers in my body for a long time, but had been ignoring it.  The tension headaches had become more frequent and I hardly ever slept through the night any more.  I went to the Dr, who then referred me to a Neurologist.  After brain scans and countless tests, I was left with no answers.  My hand was permanently numb and at this stage it was always a few degrees colder than the other. 


One Morning in April 2012 I woke up and could not stop crying, I had no control, the tears just came flooding out.  I knew something big was wrong, I had never felt like this before.  

I immediately made an appointment with my Dr. and went to see him later that morning.  The diagnosis was a "nervous breakdown" or a "burnout" as some people call it. 

I was only 30 years old at the time! 

That was where I knew I had to make changes in my life.  I sat down and thought about what kind of life I really wanted to live.  At first the changes were small, but that was the start of what was about to come.


In 2013 a friend and mentor told me about Body Stress Release (BSR), as my left hand was still numb. 

I went for my first session soon after, I remember driving home that day thinking, this guy hardly touched me, and surely this is not going to work!  That night I only had a slight headache, but no major changes.  After the second session of BSR, I started getting slight pins and needles in my hand again, something I hadn't felt for almost a year.  I got cautiously excited.  After four BSR sessions all feeling in my left hand had returned, my tension headaches were few and far between and I was sleeping like a baby.  Another thing that happened, was something that I can only describe as the feeling of a cloud that lifted from my head.  I could think a lot clearer and had clarity over the direction of my life again. 


It was in 2014 when I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to become a Body Stress Release Practitioner. If this was the results that I could have by going for BSR, then surely I could do the same for others. 

I qualified as a Body Stress Release Practitioner in 2015

Doing my first Body Stress Release Outreach in 2018 with 100 differently-abled children in Zambia ignited my passion for working with the children in our communities that are differently-abled.  We have since registered an NPO to assist us with fundraising efforts to help us continue the BSR Outreach Programmes with the differently-abled children of South Africa.  Please visit our NPO website for more information