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The Health Benefits of BSR


Body Stress Release assists the body to unlock stored tension, improving communication via the nervous system.

Once the body stress has been released there is improved muscle tone, reduction in compression to nerves and circulation, and thus relief from pain and stiffness. The effects may be swift and dramatic or may take place gradually over a series of consultations, as tightened muscles relax at deeper levels.


The majority of people initially consult a BSR practitioner for relief from pain and to improve flexibility. Examples include; lower back ache and stiffness, leg or abdominal pain, upper back and shoulder ache, neck pain and headaches.

BSR’s purpose, however, is not only to provide relief from pain, but also to improve the body’s communication (promoting self-healing) and co-ordination, thereby promoting health.

Thus, after BSR there is usually a general upgrading of function, and clients experience improvement or relief from a wide range of ailments.


As pressure is released from the nerves, there may be immediate relief from pain, relaxing of tight muscles, even straightening of distorted posture. Usually this is the case if the body stress has occurred recently - the process of restoring normal tone is very rapid and the life energy flow is quickly re-established.


If the body stress has been present for a long time, it will be necessary for a number of stress releases to be carried out over a period of time. This allows the layers of tightened muscles to relax progressively back to their normal tone. This process of unlocking the deeply stored tension could be compared to peeling away the layers of an onion.


As the muscles lock up in layers, the body's energy is diverted into holding the muscles in the defensive mode, resulting in constant tiredness. As the body stress is released, the muscles resume their normal supportive role and more energy is available for living.


With reduced nerve compression, there is improved communication, which results in improved function of organs. Clients often report that certain conditions that they had not mentioned have cleared up, such as constipation, bladder problems, indigestion, etc. Usually the physical changes are accompanied by an emotional upliftment.

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