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Mental / Emotional


These include fear of the future, financial worries, competition in the work-place, disintegrating family relationships.  


At times we experience sudden violent emotions, such as anger or shock, or we undergo milder but ongoing forms of mental strain, e.g. anxiety, depression and resentment. We may become aware of the physical effect of emotional pressures, as the diaphragm, jaw, neck and shoulders tighten in a defensive posture, to armour us against the onslaught of life's stresses.

To reduce emotional/mental stress in our lives, we need to learn to consciously relax when we feel ourselves becoming tense.  It is also advisable to seek out whatever activities and techniques help us, as individuals, to approach emotional balance and inner peace, i.e. meditating.

Suré Tredoux
M.B.S.R.A. (S.A.)
B.S.R. Practitioner
Cell: 076 917 7785
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