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BSR Outreach Update

We are often asked why we do Outreach work with children that are differently abled, not because the person thinks it could be better utilised elsewhere, but because they themselves can’t believe a group of people, especially a group of qualified Body Stress Release Practitioners could give back to the rural and previously disadvantaged communities of Southern Africa in the way the Body Stress Release community has given back in the last few year.

In May 2018 myself and a colleague embarked on a trip to Zambia for three weeks to work on 100 children in one of the more outlying rural areas. Since then the group of 100 children have been visited on many occasions, the last time being Sep 2021. On our return we noted the remarkable “shift” in the children’s emotional well-being. It was as if the children instinctively knew that what we did on the previous visits was helping them, and they felt better for having had their BSR sessions.

Since we started the BSR Outreach programme in Zambia, 12 children who were previously unable to attend school because of their mental or physical disabilities, were now able to attend School.

I feel proud and honoured to be a part of a community of Body Stress Release Practitioners that has the utter conviction that people, regardless of their economic standing, need to receive Body Stress Release. Helping the body to function and heal effectively shouldn’t just be for people that can afford the services.

BSR Outreach Programmes currently offer our services to the children at Sherwood Park Special Care Centre in Manenberg, Home of Hope, Western Cape, Khwezi Lokusa Special needs School in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, and the children in Mfuwe, Zambia.

Currently our Programmes are self-funded by the love and passion our Body Stress Release Practitioners have for their profession.

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