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In the midst of Miracles happening

In the midst of Miracles happening!

People often talk about miracles, but I don’t think you truly know what that means until you have experienced one, or in our case 30 in one day.

A colleague from Holland and myself recently returned from a three week trip to Zambia, more specifically Mfuwe, Zambia. It’s close to the South Luangwa National Park. We went to apply the technique we’ve trained in, called Body Stress Release, on children there with Disabilities and various Autisms.

We went with no expectations, just pure passion and a love for what we do, and of course a knowing that Body Stress Release could help these children, who’s Disabilities and Autisms ranges from Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Bifida, Brain damage at birth or through severe epilepsy, Down Syndrome and various other Autisms. Although some of the Disabilities and Autisms have not been diagnosed by a Medical Professional, the people working with the children have done their best to try and identify as much as possible.

When we worked on the children the first time we left the parents with clear instructions to look out for anything that may change with the child, and to please report back any changes at the next visit.

Well needless to say we were blown away, and that was when we realised we were in the midst of miracles happening.

A 6 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy who’s arms and legs where very spastic and couldn’t do anything for herself, mother reported back after the first release, that the girls limbs where much looser, and of course we could see this as well. By the second release she could stretch her hands out properly, she was eating and going to the toilet much better. She was also using her own hands to eat and drink. At the third release she was catching objects with her right hand and she was using sign language to indicate to her mother when she needed to go to the toilet.

A 3 year old boy who couldn’t talk, started making noises after his first release, and by the third release he was calling out for his granny and asking for food.

A 5 year old girl with Epilepsy (brain damage caused by severe fits left untreated has caused slight paralyses in her right arm), could start using her right hand to hold a cup and she had started to talk better. By her third release she was able to go to the toilet by herself and she was playing with other children, which she had never done before.

A boy whom was born blind and didn’t want to feed, was so severely under nourished, that they had taken him to the hospital, but nothing had worked. Whenever we saw him he was always crying and his face was very distressed. Except for the third time he came in. He was very relaxed and his mother was very relieved to report he had started to feed.

Two brothers who’s conditions are still undiagnosed had such radical changes from the first release to the third release. They both had very swollen and extended stomachs and their skeletal structures are much bigger in some parts of their body’s than it should be. By the third release their stomachs wasn’t as hard and had gone down about half way, even the swelling in their faces was visibly different. Their mother was very happy to report they also had more energy to help with house work.

A 4 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy and possible Autism was so under fed and spastic, that one would never say he was four. When his mother returned with him after the first release we could hardly believe what we saw. His body had totally relaxed; he moved easier and he was smiling. By the third release his mother reported that his ’autism came out less’.

A 3 year old boy has Hydrocephalus, he couldn’t keep his head up and he was struggling to use his right arm including hand. His mother was so happy to report after the first release that he was using his right hand to eat, he was using sign language to show when he wanted to go to the toilet, he was saying words more clearly, and his neck was visibly stronger. At the third release his mother reported he was sitting better, eating better, his right leg was more straight and he could keep his head up much better.

These are just a few of the children we worked on; we actually did three releases on 68 children in three weeks and all had healing taking place in their body’s, big and small. We feel so humbled by this experience and the incredible capacity for the self-healing our body’s possesses. All we helped with, was help their nervous system communicate better throughout their body’s in order for their body’s to function and heal effectively!

We have big dreams to continue this work there and also elsewhere, where needed.

We couldn’t have done this without the financial help of family, friends and clients who generously donated towards helping us get to Zambia and stay there for three weeks in order to do this work.

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